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Click on preferred (underlined) source below to locate a supplier near you, or to find a source that is willing to safely ship a bird to you.   I will continuously update this list of recommended suppliers of adorable ;-) birds, so keep visiting! 

Recommended Sources for Birds:

      Breeders / Aviculturists      Bird Stores    

Please note: MAP-certified breeders do not have to wait for a referral, but can contact me directly to be added under "Recommended sources".  The reason being that MAP-certified breeders adhere to appropriate health- promoting procedures; and are subject to inspections by vets on a regular intervals.  For me, this is recommendation enough.    The information I would need is: Name of aviary/breeder, website address (optional),  city and state (not the address for security reasons) and contact information (telephone number, fax, e-mail, etc.)

Birdstores & breeders (uncertified) will have to be referred by a vet or by a satisfied customer, and if negative information that is based on verifiable facts comes to light, I will not hesitate to removed anyone from "recommended sources."

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