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RECOMMENDED BREEDERS (click on State/Country)



I am committed to only recommending breeders who adhere to an excellent standard of exotic bird care, and who understand the importance of not just selling but also educating buyers on the care requirements of the particular species of bird they have required.  I reserve my right to remove anyone from the webpages who has proven to have a poor track record in any of the areas of bird care, buyer education and/or ethical business practices. This page will be continuously updated to hopefully -- in the future -- provide an up-to-date list of reliable breeders.

If you know of a breeder that provides the desirable level of care and disease preventative measures, please submit your recommendation.   Please note that negative information will not be publicized for legal reasons, and also to protect breeders who are falsely excused.  However, if you have had a bad experience with any breeder recommended on this website, please let me know.   This information will help in collect information and if a negative pattern is established the breeder will be removed from the "Recommended" list.


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