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If you are in Washington State, you are lucky,  because you have those excellent breeders to choose from:

Smiles Of Feathers
Smiles and John Grmeau  (owners)
Centralia,WA  98531
Tel. (360)736-3973

Breed a variety of Amazons, Caiques, Brotogeris, Quakers (blue and green), African Grays, Senegals, Blue Masked Love birds, Umbrella Cockatoos and  Cockatiels.

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Squawk "N" Talk Aviary
Centralia, Washington
(360) 807-9852

A small aviary in Washington State, specializing in hand fed exotic parrots. All birds are health guaranteed. Pet stores welcome. Quantity discount available.

Available birds:  Conures (Greater Patagonian, Peach Front, Sun Conures, Green Cheek Restricta); Parrots (Meyers, Senegals); Lovebirds (Fishers, Black Mask, Blue Black Mask, Peach Face); Bourkes (Rosy, Normal, Cream); Cockatiels (Lutino, Cinnamon Pearls/Pieds, Normal Greys, Albinos); Amazons (Blue Fronts, Yellow Napes, Double Yellow Heads, Lilac Crowns).

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