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Hookbill Haven Aviary - Breeders, Babies, Pets & Showbirds.  This site has lots of animation & photos! We have been raising birds for over 20 years. Amazons, Conures, White Cap Pionus, Greys, Umbrella & Goffin Cockatoos, Senegals and LoveBirds. Located 30 minutes north of Nashville, Tn.  Lasandra Walter -  
Sells handfed babies as well as breeders / single birds. Will ship.  

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Saddleback Farm - MAP Certified
Location: West Tennessee
Tel. (901) 853-9988
Breeder of: Amazons, CAG's, Macaws & Poicephalus. All birds PBFD negative and Polyoma Vaccinated.  20 years of experience.  Breeder's philosophy is to try to 'fit' the bird to the person.

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Patricia Barth - An excellent breeder who is well known and respected amongst us aviculturists.  She is located in upstate NY.  Her website offers wonderful information.  Don't miss it!

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