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The ideal quarantine situation would be off your own premises (maybe with a friend -- who does not have any other birds).  Now, many of us find this difficult, because -- speaking from my own situation -- all of my friends have birds.  The next best thing is to select an area on your premises which is completely separated from your flock, with a different air supply from your own flock.

When quarantine a bird, I would recommend the following procedures: 

  • If you can't get anybody else to take care of the quarantained bird, take care of the quarantined bird first thing in the morning.  The clothes that I wore while caring for the quarantined bird are then immediately put into the wash.  I shower, and only AFTER my shower, I will go near my established flock.  For the rest of the day I will not go into the quarantine room. (I get my husband to check ;-)  If I do need to get in, then I change clothes/shower before allowing myself to get into contact with my existing flock.  
  • I have excellent conditions for quarantine, since I have what I call a "buffer zone" in between the quarantine room and my bird areas.  My birds are either in the sunroom, or in outside aviaries; the quarantine room is on the other side of the house, with the rest of the rooms in between.  The "buffer zone" (the rest of the house) is basically off limits for the other birds until the quarantine is over.  

Sibylle Faye

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