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...A Passion for Parrots Postcards

Bird Post Cards
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     ... SO THAT THEY MAY CONTINUE TO FLY ...                                                                            
     in loving memory of    Leeann   RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   Moki   RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   Xena                                                                                       
     (If you too would like to memorialize your pet,  please e-mail me   -
     Gayle -- I am still waiting for Jacko's memorial info!)  


Please sign petition!!! Let's give our furry, feathered companions a voice!!!



This Java Applet Banner will run continuously,
displaying the 13 Missing Children Alert Cases.
Clicking on the photograph will bring up the
Alert Page with more information, and the ability
to print posters. Clicking on the Yellow Marquee
Message will connect to the NCMEC home page.


The image seen will change everyten minutes.
Currently the 12 most recently reported missing children
are kept in this queue. Clicking on the NCMEC logo will bring
you to the home page; clicking anywhere else will bring you to
the full details of the missing child's record. There is also
included a link to view the entire queue of 12 children.



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            RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) TEFLON / NON-STICK COOKWARE POISONING WARNING!  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)                                                                               
                             If you know of any special risks to our feathered friends, please contact me!                                                                                                                             
                                                            Net Vet  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Medical Resources / MARE                                                                               
                                                           California Avian Laboratory

               (Laboratory Reference Ranges, Disease Testing, Diagnostic & Consultative Services for Avian & Exotic Veterinarians)

                                                                        VETARC HOME PAGE
               (Excellent Products & Services)  For specific, excellent info provided by the Vet Arc website, please visit the following:
                      FEATHER PICKING,
DIETARY REQUIREMENTS / CONVERTING TO PELLETS, DISINFECTING IN THE NURSERY                                                         

Important / Helpful Links:

General Care Links:
    Bird Care Guidelines RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Special Needs Parrots RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Food & Nutrition  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Eclectus Care/Info RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)
Average Bird Weights  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Food We Shouldn't Feed Birds RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   Diet Info / Recipes  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Toxic Plants RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Safe Plants RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  
Toxic Plants & Foods  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Biting Birds  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) There are 2 sides to being a Bird Owner                                                                                 
Health-Related Links:     DNA Sexing/Disease Testing  Illnesses RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Papilloma  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) PDD RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Polyoma  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Feather Disorders RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  
Feather Picking  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Feather Plucking  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Feathers RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) PBFD RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) PBFD2 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Beak & Feather (3) RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Caring for Pets with Cancer RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)
Guide to Disinfectants RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) The Problem with Pellets RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Bird Poisoning Risks In Our Homes RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  
Summary of Avian Diseases  (Fungal/Nutritional/Tumors/Parasites/etc.) RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  
Veterinary Medical Board and Registered Veterinary Technician Committee
 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   
Quaker Resource Center / Info on Mutilation & Feather Plucking RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Metal Toxities RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Hazardous Litter Material RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)     
Bird Safe Pest Control Alternatives RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Non-Toxic/Environmentally Safe Cleaners RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Poopology RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   
Analyzing Bird Droppings / Health Status  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Avian Hematology                                                                               

First Aid  (Excellent web site with info on: Air Sac Rupture, Anorexia, Bleeding, Broken Blood Feather, Broken Bones, Burns, Cat Bites, Convulsions,
Crop Burns, Crop Emptying Problems, Diarrhea, Egg Binding, Eye Problems, Heat Stroke, Oil Contamination of Feathers, Poison, Shock, Vomiting, 
Bird, Hydration for Baby Bird/Sick Bird, Food for Sick Bird, Signs of Illness

Gillian's    (Excellent web site with info on: First Aid Kit, Holiday Hazards, Apple Seeds, Citrus Fruits, Papilloma, Safe Wood, Pens/Pencils/Felt Markers,
New Homes, Zink Toxicity, Metals,  Onion Toxicity, Weeping Fix Toxicity, Falling from Perches,  Echinacea as an Immunostimulant, Honey,
Uncooked Beans Toxicity, Citronella Oil, Boric Acid/Borax, Pomegranates, Mothballs, Tea Incense , Oak & Acorns, Red Carob Maple Trees, Cedar,
Pinecones, Birch, Eucalyptus, Black Walnut

Guidelines & Recommendations for:   Bird Sellers RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Bird Buyers RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Vets RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) New / Well-Bird Testing RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)
Disease Prevention in Commercial Aviaries 
Recommended:   Breeders  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Vets  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Supply Outlets RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   
Didn't Find a Recommended Vet Near You?   Click Here to Go to  Avian Vet Search    
Breeding Info:  Infertility  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Reproductive Disorders  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Incubation Data/Techniques RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Egg Production RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) 
Handfeeding: Step-by-Step  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Hatching Eclectus  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Hatching a Traumatized Egg RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Gala Mutations RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) 
Breeding Rel. Articles Crop Disorders RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  DNA Analysis RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Cockatiel Genetics  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Male Aggression in Cockatoos

Bird Specific Info:  Identify Exotic Birds By Picture RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Amboina King Parrots

Other You-Shouldn't-Possibly-Miss Links:   Parrot Pictures / Info RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Names for Your New Bird RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) 
Bird Rescue Organizations  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) SamFoster - Behavioral Consultant  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   BirdKeepers of America   RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   Hotspot For Birds   
Mail-List Appreviations  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Join a WebRing RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Birds Lost&Found  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Parrot Intelligence/Alex   RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) 
Do-It-Yourself Seed Cleaner  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) BirdsnWays  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Fine Feathered Friends  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Avian Yellow Pages  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Wildlife Rehabilitators RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) 
Animal Cruelty Laws
RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Basic Bird Terminology  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Satellite Photos of Your Backyard! RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Door-to-Door Driving Directions

Free Good Stuff: 
Free Postcards (Parrots & Otherwise)  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Maries's Musical Greeting Cards RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   Bowcreek Postcards  Free Screensavers RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Free Animal Wallpapers for your PC RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Free Webspace! 

Check Out the GREAT Websites of my Cyberfriends - Bird Enthusiasts & Some Are Breeders:    
Benden Weyr Aviaries  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Buffy's Place Heike's Bear's Den Aviary  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Chris Rutt - UK Breeder  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Huey's Place
(May take out)  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)
Lasandra Walters RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Mary Beckett  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Planned Parrothood RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  SamFoster - Behavioral Consultant   RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Squawk 'N' Talk Aviaries   

Lost or Found a Bird?   Contact the Bird Patrol

Want to Join a Mailinglists ?    Or a Chatlist

Online Bird Magazines   
BirdBreeder Online  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) BirdTalk  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Winged Wisdom  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Horward Voren's Articles RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   FDA Veterinarian Magazine

BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS?   Communication with your bird is the key to building a good relationship.  
BirdCLICK discusses the use of a clicker and positive reinforcement to guide your bird into desirable behavior. 

Humane and fun training method for everything from tricks and talking to behavioral problems.  

For those grieving over the loss of a beloved pet, please visit the following website Rainbow Bridge
or visit here for Pet Loss Advice / Grief Counseling  

       For information, group support, guidance and avian health-related discussions, please join the:
Avian Health & Disease Prevention Mailinglist
(If you'd like to join this list, please e-mail Cat - our vivacious list owner.

               Cat -- the List Owner of the Avian Health Mailinglist       
               Jen & Luke
kindly set up & participate in managing the Mailinglist   
               Sibylle Faye
-- the Initiator/Founder & Co-Admin of the Mailinglist            

For those of you who would like to see some pictures of my "crew," please feel free to visit the website that Skye Weber so kindly created for me and other Cockatoo-L members.

In loving memory of Xena (1996-1997)
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"The loss of a loved one is all the more tragic if nothing has been learned
from it" 
Sibylle Faye

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are an excellent tool to navigate you to websites that address your own interests.
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Thank you to those who kindly helped with the research for this web site.
Special thanks to Susan Sessions (The World's Best Researcher)  who contributed most of the wonderful links.   

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