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Primary Crop Disorders:
> Crop infections (gram negative bacteria, yeast, fungi)
> Over-stretched crop (feeding greater than 12-15% body weight)
> Aerophagia (air in the crop prevents normal crop motility)
> Foreign body (bedding ...)
> Crop burn
> Pharyngeal or esophageal trauma (damage due to feeding tube, crop tube, syringe)

Generalized GI Statis:
> Generalized disease (bacteria, yeast, viruses, parasitic infection)
> Polyoma virus
> Hypothermia (baby becomes too chilled) or hyperthermia (baby
   becomes too hot)
> Formula too cold or too hot
> Improperly mixed formula (too little water, additions to the formula)
> Yolk salk infection (improper absorption and subsequent infection)
> Damp or wet nest box/excessively humid/dry environment.
> Stress
> Congenital abnormalities

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