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Major Bird Pellets/Seeds Manufacturers: Diamond Avian Dist. 1-800-353-2473 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Dr. Dee's 1-800-942-3438 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) FeedL'Avian 1-800-543-3308 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)Hagen 1-888-294-2436 / 1-800-225-2700RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Harrison's 1-800-346-0269 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Kaytee RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) 1-800-529-8331 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Lafeber 1-800-842-6445 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Lake's 1-800-634-2473 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) L/M Animal Farm 1-800-332-5623RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Marion Zoological (Scenic) 1-800-327-7974 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Pretty Bird International Inc 1-800-356-5020 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Roudybush 1-800-326-1726 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Ziegler Brothers, Inc. 1-800-841-6800 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) ZuPreen 1-800-345-4767 RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)

BIRD & BRANCHES / BIRD BARN -- Lots of toys at affordable prices ...

HORNBECKS -- Anything for our birds, food, toys, cages, playtops, etc.

The new amazing patented BREEDER FEEDER.   I have them and don't know how I ever managed without them.  Check out their website for detailed information

CUTTLEBONE PLUS+, located in San Marcos, California.  Excellent source for seeds, pellets, cuttlebones, supplementary nutrition items, etc.  

ON-LINE PET PHARMACY -- order your medical pet supplies and save while doing so.

PETBIRD REPORT - You name it -- they got it!  For the breeder, aviculturist and loving pet owner.  Great stuff!

PET CORRAL - A great place for supplies.   Also sells birds.  Check out their website not only for supplies, birds, but also for its excellent graphics.

PET INDUSTRY - Link to Many Suppliers & Distributors of Bird (and otherwise) products. 

SWELLANDS -- Cages and supplies.  Flight cages, aviaries, California breeders, nesting boxes, etc.


SAMMY'S PET STORE -- Birds & Supplies

MACAWS ONLY -- Don't get fooled by the name -- besides breeding macaws, they sell great cages that come highly recommended by a list member ...

PSITTASCENE HABITATS -    Recommended by a list member who was happy with the product.  They produce  top quality stainless steel cages or powder coated mild steel cages.   They are also into bird rescue (I gathered from their website) ...

PARROT ISLAND - A Lot of Cool Stuff for Your Bird and Excellent Info ... Have Fun Surfing!

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