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... In Loving Memory ...

and in honor of:

Baby RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Leeann   RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Jaco   RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)   Moki   RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes)  Bubba  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Phoenix & Bubba  RollingBalls.gif (7394 bytes) Xena
     (If you too would like to memorialize your pet,  please e-mail me )

Angel Fountain....By Gilbert Williams

For those grieving over the loss of a beloved pet, please visit the following website
Rainbow Bridge or visit here for Pet Loss Advice / Grief Counseling 

"The loss of a loved one is all the more tragic if nothing has been learned
from it" 

Sibylle Faye

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