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Nothing says it more than someone's experience ... but -- keep in mind -- this is NOT an isolated case; I have heard of many beautiful pets die a needless death due to Teflon poisoning!

"I too lost my miniature macaw 2 weeks ago. He died from the toxic fumes emanated by an overheated Teflon pot.....I cry and cry the loss of a 5-year companion. Irreplaceable loss. Please spread the news---NOT to cook with NON stick TEFLON cookware they are so deadly to birds!!!!" Giulia D. Colbacchini

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Another list member drew my attention to the following:

"The Long Island Parrot Society's loss earlier this year of several wonderful  birds due to the Teflon ingredient in the lining of her new oven (oven-cleaning function overheated and could not be stopped) was featured on a recent Fox News segment nationwide. The birds' owner is suing the mfr. of the oven and the store that sold it to her." 

Kay also points out that 1) many other household appliances contain Teflon (sometimes by a different name), and bird owners should be alert to this problem; and 2) many of the disasters occurred when non-stick items were used by other than the owners of the item, such as a relative or visitor unaware of the dangers.   Overheated teflon causes "colorless and odorless lethal emissions."

Kay in MartinDee's Woods, NY

Kay recommends Calphalon or stainless steel as a safe alternative.

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Play it safe with your birds!!!!

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