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In Loving Memory
and in Honor of Jaco..

Jaco was our dream bird.  We got him from a home where he wasn't wanted.  He was very much loved and was a wonderful bird here.  He talked so clearly and in my husband Bill's voice.  If I was in the other room he would say "Do you need help Gail?"   He was a doll.   At first he would'nt be real close but as he was here longer he began to come to use and cuddle and liked his stritches.  He played and wasn't fooled by the 'pretend snake' so was always stalking around the house to get where he wanted to go.  He loved to eat our food and was so sweet. 

He was 4 yrs old when he got lose and was killed.  He is missed more than words can say. 


~Bridge of Faith~
Painting by Thomas Kinkade


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